Anti Discriminatory Committee

Anti Discriminatory Committee

Balaji College of Pharmacy


  • To strive for creation of an environment, where in no deprivation based on caste, creed, religion, region, gender and different ability¬†is¬†there.
  • To ensure equality in offering /receiving education, knowledge and skills in the Institution / Campus.
  • To protect the rights of individuals, avoiding prejudice with respect to appearance / life style.
  • To put in place preventive and protective measures aimed at elimination of discrimination.
  • To establish procedures for punishment, related to cases of discrimination.


  • To disseminate in the form of banners, posters, related to discrimination on various grounds.
  • To set up and implement mechanism for punishments to individuals / groups indulging in discrimination.
  • To resolve issues related to discrimination on any ground, within a time frame.
  • To conduct awareness sessions on forms of discrimination, for all the stakeholders.