Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Balaji College of Pharmacy


  • To facilitate the enhancement of quality of the teaching – learning process by creating conducive environment for knowledge transfer
  • To establish benchmarks for quality and focus on the various parameters involved in the academic and administrative processes of the Institution.
  • To set up a framework for feedback collection and analysis, involving all stakeholders.
  • To organize, conduct various workshops / development programs on quality and associated themes.
  • To develop a system and appropriate action plan aimed at enhancing the academic and administrative performance of the Intuition.
  • To promote a culture of quality enhancement and develop best practices for the Institution, resulting in improved academic functions.


  • To ensure effective and efficient completion of various tasks related to academic and administrative functions.
  • To review the quality and relevance of R & D activities along with academic programs.
  • To strive for integration of modern methodology / technology with the teaching learning process.
  • To disseminate information / data related to parameters of quality of higher education.
  • To arrange for collection and analysis of feedback from stakeholders.
  • To develop, maintain and preserve the Institutional data base as an aid towards quality enhancement.
  • To act as a nodal agency for monitoring, coordinating and improving quality enhancement initiatives.
  • To prepare the AQAR, following guidelines, for submission to NAAC.