Finance Committee

Finance Committee

Balaji College of Pharmacy


  •   To oversee the process of formulation of annual budget of the Institution, aligning with the goals and strategic plan of the Institution.
  • To review, monitor and compile the financial statements maintaining the academic standards.
  • To focus on long term financial planning and sustainability.
  • To periodically review the financial obligation and devise suitable strategies to mitigate risks and liabilities.


  • To record the income and expenditure of the institute from various sources and various heads.
  • To prepare detailed budget allocations under various heads of expenditure.
  • To prepare overall budget proposals for the applicable financial year.
  • Extend advice on all financial matters as needed by the governing body of the institution.
  • To prepare statements of grants received from the statue statuary body sending agencies.
  • To carry out the scrutiny of the budget proposals submitted by the various sections/cells/ departments of the Institution.
  • To keep track of the budget expenditure and utilization of the budget sanctioned by the various cells or sections or departments.