Research & Development Cell

Research & Development Cell

Balaji College of Pharmacy


  • To create awareness and opportunities in Research, Innovation and Development among the faculty and students.
  • To promote the culture of publication of quality papers by faculty in reputed National/International Journals.
  • To promote Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary research.
  • To identify the thrust areas of research of each department, and form related cluster groups frontline, teams/consortia of research.
  • Modernizing the existing laboratories with additional experimental set ups Instruments and Technology for utilizing the lab for research activity.
  • To identify potential collaborators from industry, research organizations, academic institutions & other stakeholders for co-operation and synergic partnerships and dissemination of research
  • To develop, prescribe and administer rules, regulations, policies to ensure the compliance of all research quality assurance frameworks and the research code.
  • To create awareness among faculty about filing Patents & IPR


  • To encourage innovative ideas among students and faculty members.
  • To identify the potential areas of research & various disciplines.
  • To prepare proposals in order to apply funded projects.
  • To make the members aware of the facilities provided for pursuing in-house research
  • To have collaboration with industry and research canters
  •   To be abreast of the latest technology
  • To build up a bridge between experts and novices
  • To mix up the expertise technology with theoretical knowledge
  • To conduct faculty seminars on weekly basis
  • To enrich technological competence by conducting guest lecturers for teaching faculty and students.