To tailor training for students based on Industry / Company needs.

Sell the skills of students to employers.

Enrich students on Job Market realities and available opportunities.

Continuously orient students with interview techniques, soft skills, art of negotiation, CV writing etc.

Maintain student files as needed and regularly update student's profile with their, academic achievements, previous work experience if any and other special attributes which can match with job requirements.

Seek employers and bring them to campus for hiring. Establish networking with employers and relationship with HRs from the corporate and promote students for placements as appropriate.

Mentoring students for best fit.

Generate employment and experiential opportunities in business and industry for students and alumni in all curricula.

Counsel, prepare and enhance hiring potential of students, new graduates and alumni into the job market.

Collaborate and promote Career Planning services through in-class presentations.

Student Orientation in concert with college support services.

Market and promote PVKK and its placement initiatives to business and industry by targeting mailings and e-mailings, attending promotional events, presenting information and workshops at various business functions, through participating in business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce etc.

Aggressively contact businesses and industries to develop MOU’s, partnerships and placements.

Assist students in identifying employment options that match their career interests.

Assist students in all aspects of the job search including resume writing, interview facing techniques and job referrals.

Identify and realize Internship opportunities to the College community.

Contact business and industry to develop reciprocally beneficial partnerships for jobs, internships and job shadowing opportunities.

Provide targeted career information and resources to students, alumni, faculty, and staff as needed.

Develop an active on-campus business and industry presence. Schedule and advertise campus recruitment for employers.

Attend seminars and other training opportunities for professional development.


Provide ample placement opportunities for students to achieve 100% placements.

Manage Centralized Placement activities for ALL courses.

Organize campus recruitment with reputed industries and organizations from all over India.

Prepare students for campus recruitment by arranging training in Aptitude Tests, Group Discussions, Technical and HR interviews through Professional Trainers.

Promote career counseling by organizing guest speakers by Senior Corporate Personnel and most importantly by campus placed senior students.

Arrangement of Personality Development Workshops.

Enter into tie-up arrangements with reputed Industries & Corporate for Campus recruitment.


The placement office handles all aspects of campus placements for the graduating students at PVKK. The office is well equipped with state of the art facilities to support every stage of the placement process such as Air-conditioned seminar hall for Pre-Placement Talks, Well furnished air-conditioned cabins for interviews, Group Discussion rooms, Computer labs for online assessments etc. The fully computerized placement office is also equipped with Video Conferencing facility which supports in special cases.

We follow simple and transparent placement policy.

Companies / organizations are invited via E-Mail or Telephone call or by personally meeting the recruitment heads.

Companies / organizations interested in recruiting PVKK students must send clear information related to job description, job profile, place of posting and salary etc., to official Placement Mail ID.

The placement cell verifies the information shared by the companies / organizations and schedules the campus drive accordingly on mutually convenient dates.

The placement policies and other related activities are supervised by Head Placement Cell, in consultation with the Placement coordinators and respective departmental HOD’s.

Students should register themselves in the Placement Cell.

In order to improve the performance of students in the skills such as Technical, Aptitude, Communications, etc., it is proposed to conduct Personality Development Training Programs in addition to the soft skills training programs arranged within the campus.

Students are encouraged to take campus interview in the fields they desire.

Resumes(standard forms available in the placement cell) are collected from eligible students and shared to HR of the respective company on the day of campus drive.

It is suggested that the final year students develop the habit of checking at the placement cell notice board in the college and also in the college website regularly for placement activities and notifications.

Before appearing for the interview, students will have to sign the undertaking / willingness for the same.

Attendance in all the Pre-Placement Talks is compulsory for everybody, regardless of whether he/she is interested in sitting for that company or not, or whether he/she is already placed.

Dress Code is STRICTLY FORMALS. Those who fail to follow the rules will not be considered for placements

Students are not authorized to communicate with the companies on an individual level or in any individual capacity. They are hereby informed to refrain from any such communication whatsoever. Any deviation would be viewed seriously inciting action against the particular student(s) involved in such activity.

Any corporate interaction by any student must be carried out in consultation with the Placement Cell.

If a student has been selected in the campus interview and has received an appointment letter, then he/she will not be allowed to apply again for the similar Job role.

Once selected for placement by a company and offer accepted by the concerned student, he/she will not be considered for any other interview.


Invite prospective companies / organizations to campus for recruitment.

Correspond with prospective companies to fix interview date and schedule the events.

Arrange interview facilities at the campus like Seminar halls, written test halls, Computer labs for online assessments, Interview cabins etc.

Receive the personnel and provide necessary inputs about the college and to co-ordinate with placement coordinators for smooth functioning at various locations (interview halls, written test halls, canteen etc).

Collect the appointment letters or correspond to get them as soon as the recruitment process is over.

Distribute appointment letters and collect acceptance letters from the students and dispatch to employers.

Identify and train a standby placement officer to take over the responsibilities during the absence of Placement Officer.

Notify students regarding various competitive examinations.

Guiding students who desire to pursue Higher Education

Organizing industrial visits


To collect bio-data with students having primary eligibility at the start of the 7th semester and to verify their credentials with respect to their marks sheets and once the results of a semester has been obtained, update the data and the eligible students for that semester are listed.

To obtain the information about possible visit from the placement officer and depending on the eligibility criteria asked by the organization, submit the bio-data of students to the placement officer.

To identify three student representatives for the department who will actively participate in placement work.

To inform the students about the date and time of interview.

To be present at the time of interview on a date given along with the two student representatives.

To regulate students who have to be interviewed as per the order given by the employer.

To collect the list of selected students and inform the students individually.

To distribute the appointment letters to the students and get the acceptance letter and give them to the placement officer.

To give prior information about the date and time of campus interview / written test to the respective faculty who should have been taking classes for the final year students.