NPTEL-Local Chapter

NPTEL-Local Chapter

Balaji College of Pharmacy


  • The Main object is to provide wider dissemination of the NPTEL initiatives and integrate MOOC’s to main stream education
  • To Provide students and faculty a platform to listen to the lectures delivered by IITs/IISCs, update them and get certified by participation in online courses and assessments
  • To support students and faculty members in the process of strengthening their knowledge and career prospects by introducing trustworthy, cost effective and flexible sources of online education
  • To promote self learning among faculty and students to attain self-sufficiency in education


  • It will facilitate our students and faculty to use NPTEL videos and web content on our campus for upgrading their knowledge
  • Faculty members and students enroll in courses either in core branches or inter disciplinary courses. Faculty and students are motivated to select courses outside their branch of study to enhance additional knowledge and career prospects.